TOP 10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying an iPhone 7

Awesome Things in iPhone 7 

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Apple partner along with Nintendo to bring Mario for the iPhone which is remarkable yet even more notably there were two new apples iPhone revealed the iPhone 7 and also 7 plus there was a ton of relevant information a great deal to digest. Our team are actually visiting break it down right into 10 things to recognize before buying.

No Headphone Jack

First thing that you have to realize is that it is actually official the headphone jack is actually dead.
Right now our company possess a pretty good tip that this was actually having the water leaks and also the rumors yet there was still that uncertainty during that inquiry that would Apple actually clear away the headphone port and also yep they performed.
IPhone 7 and 7 plus our team'll ship package along with lights earphones. There is actually a lightning for Port adapter it will definitely allow you for utilize basic wired headphones and amazingly apples featuring this with the phone and not going to charge you seventy-eight bucks as an add-on.
This additionally caused the introduction of apple's new flight terminals which practically our cordless ear pods.
On the positive side the extraction of the headphone jack has actually brought about stereo system sound speakers in the iPhone 7 and also 7 plus there is just one of the leading as well as one near the bottom.
iphone 7

Two New Colors

There are actually 2 new different colors the 1st which is actually jet dark which looks actually great obtained the super sleek shiny finish however this thing is a fingerprint magnetic.
The second color is actually simply referred to as black yet this color looks awesome.
There are actually five shade possibilities for the apple iphone 7 and 7 plus Plane Black, Jet Black, Silver, Gold as well as Gold.
iphone 7 jet black

Water and Dust Resistant

Apple iPhone 7 is actually water-resistant. We understand this is not new it's not advanced and also there are actually various other phones that can this however if your apple iPhone user this is great information.
iphone 7 water resistant

New Home Button

There is actually a brand-new home button This is actually incredibly just like the Mac Book track-pads our team are actually certainly not actually literally clicking on a button and also what in fact took place is actually below via a taptic engine it's in fact imitating a click so if the iPhone 7 were actually shut off and also you press the button nothing at all is actually going to take place.
iphone 7 home button

Fast is Now Faster

Inside the iPhone 7 there is the A-10 Fusion Chip is super-fast.
Now this is actually a Quad Center potato chip with the means Apple clarified it is actually a pair of dual-core processors along with high-performance set then when low-performance set switch off to and fro depending upon exactly how you're using your phone.
It is a hundred and twenty times faster than the original iPhone.
iphone 7 fusion chip

Stunning Camera

With with the iPhone 7 you are actually acquiring 12 megapixels on the back as well as 7 on the face.
Additionally Apple iphone 7 currently suches as optical picture stabilization which was something missing on the Apple iphone 6 as well as 6s.
iphone 7 camera

Wireless Charging

Really something that Apple did not such as in that is actually wireless charging all the rumors however the headphone mounts the water resistance the shades those were all spot-on however the speculation about the iPhone 7 dashing wireless really did not take place.
iphone 7 wireless charging

Screen Resolution same as IPhone 6s

The screen is better but it’s the same resolution both the iPhone 7 and 7 plus or twenty-five percent brighter and operate much wider color.
These look really good in person but the resolution has remained exactly the same.
The iPhone is rocking a 4.7 is 1334 x 750 display while the Apple 7 plus keeps the same 5.5 x 1920 x 1080 p display there really wasn’t any expectations for a higher-resolution display.
iphone 7 display

Better Battery Life

IPhone 7 and 7 Plus well have better battery life.
Now this is actually fantastic news because any amount of additional battery is a good thing the iPhone 7 will supposedly get you two hours more than iPhone 6s whereas the IPhone 7 will get you one hour more than a 6s plus.
In a world where phones are getting thinner and in turn that sacrifices better life it is nice to see the iPhone 7 not go backwards so as far as that goes that is definitely a win.
iphone 7 battery life

No 16GB Model

Now you all can celebrate because 16 GB iPhones are finally death.
So with the iPhone 7 and 7 plus you’re looking at 32 GB as a base model.
If you want that jet black glossy fingerprint magnet you’re going to need to spend more money to get it because it is not available on the 32 gigabyte model.

iphone 7 storage